We have many people ask us how to replace a screen.  We believe it is an art.  Replacing an enclosure screen is more complicated than replacing a window screen.   All old screen and spline needs to be removed.   If the screen is old and the spline has “melted” into the channel, you will have to dig it out.  The screen must be cut to fit the panel with a little extra to make sure you can pull the screen tight before putting the spline in.   The tricky part is keeping the screen tight while working the spline along all 4 sides.  Once the screen is in tight and all the spline is in, you trim the excess screen around the edges.   Always screen each panel individually so if one panel gets damaged you only need to replace one.  Click the photo below to see how to replace a screen on your pool enclosure:

How to replace a screen winter garden

If this looks a little more challenging than you thought, give us a call and we’ll get your screens replaced in no time.   407-456-7178

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